Meet the Founder & CEO 

Shatoria Peavy ( tori)

   I'm a mother of 3 girls Morgan, Megan and Miyah, Author, college graduate receiving my Associates Degree in Health Information Technology and a servant for God's people. I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL in the West End Community. I've always had a passion to help others and I absolutely LOVE meeting new people. I am an encourager! I just strictly believe in moving and doing what God calls me to do.
    Being a single mom at the age of 20 was very challenging. no one wants to raise a child without their father being present to help. being a mom showed me how  to Love, have compassion and to work hard for myself and my children.  I've had family, friends and total strangers to help me and that stuck with me. now, I give back to single moms so that they can have a sense of relief while experiencing their adversity. I am on the front lines fighting for single mothers because it is not easy and we all need to feel secure in knowing that someone cares. that someone is me! 
 Always remember that God loves you, you're not alone and NEVER GIVE UP!